“ Eagle Spirit  “

Video Club Impulse

The Children of Pine Ridge 

Is a project of Iris Pattyn"Butterfly Rainbow Projects"

I am supporting this project as volunteer with my photo, video editing and my website design skills  

Watch The Children of Pine Ridge

" Wikanyeja Gluitanyan Otipi "

It would be an honor and it is one of my most sacred dreams, to visit the children's home

in Pine Ridge South Dakota and make a video report or documentary about the Sacred life of the American Native People, their environment, their religion and their amazing connection with all that exist. If and when they allowed me to do so. 

" Bond Zonder Naam "

Bond Zonder Naam translated into English means " Union Without Name "

If you would like to buy something on their website, you can do it directly on the website

or order with me and come to pick it up at my place in Kortrijk West Vlaanderen.

This option does entail a waiting time, but has the advantage that no transport costs are charged.

I am available as a volunteer to help selling their wonderful range of products and fair trade items.

I am also a volunteer supporting with my photo-videography & editing  skills.  

A few examples.
Click on the photo to go to the site of Bond Zonder naam.


" Bond Zonder Naam " 

is all about volunteers who commit themselfs and stand up for the defenseless and less protected people.

And they do so from their hearts without financial compensation.

The association " Bond Zonder Naam " transfers integrally all our joint efforts to people in need.

So when you buy something from us, even the smallest purchase can be a huge support for some people!

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