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Video Club Impulse

The Coolest Film Club

Join us at  IMPULS Film and Video Club

Learn how to use your camera better and get the most out of your devices.

Learn to assemble and sonorize.

In the amateur film industry, IMPULS is famous and praised for its dynamism and the high quality of his film productions.

In an atmosphere of companionship and without distinction in rank or status political or religious conviction, familiarizing our members with advice and assistance to perfect themselves in the various facets that make up filming.

At Impuls it is even explained how to use image mixers and assembly computers. We always follow new technologies closely but since appliances are only a tool to come to a finished product you can only learn the basics with us. We are not supposed to transform you into a computer freak. On the other hand, it is our job to show you all aspects of film structure so that the films of our members are not only technically "finished" but also become more fascinating and pleasant to watch

The "better film" is still best taught in a film club.

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